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Hyd2 Episode 4 Blog

I’m watching the live streaming and also downloading the torrent. Why is it only 526 mg when ep 2 and 3 were about 645 mg? That’s a pretty big difference… they must have layed on the commercials this time. 

Kaede getting upset and having a bit of tantrum, hehe. She even throws her napkin! Oh, this was worth the wait. I like seeing her crack. 
The shot of Domyoji’s retreating footsteps from Makino’s hospital room is EXACTLY like her retreating footsteps from Ebisu when she sees D kissing Shigeru.  Nice touch! I’m impressed. 
WTH? Why is the hospital empty? No patients, no doctors. It’s not that late, he was just at dinner a little while ago. 
Ooo, Jun, nice scream. Impressed with the breakdown. Made me want to cry a little. He just can’t ever get a break can he?
I don’t like Rui in love with Makino, it doesn’t come off that great. Something’s just… off. 
Ok, the tickling? Hahaha, LMFAO. Domyoji ticklish, eh? So cute. 
Urgh, what is being said? Between Shigeru & Domyoji, Makino & Rui????? Can’t undersand ARGH!!
Why is Domyoji acting so weird in the F4 lounge? I would’ve thought he’d be pissed and jealous of Rui. Is he not sure how he feels? So it’s awkward? I dunno, but D!weirdness for sure. And Rui seems slightly cold towards him, or like he wishes D wasn’t there. 
OMG. Domyoji just CACKLED at F3. I’m freaked out. I can’t account for this psycho behavior. I mean, he did scream and break down the night before… but he wasn’t acting crazy with Shigeru that morning. 
Ok man, you know what, Domyoji has totally lost it. Mental institution now. I’m scared. He grabbed something from the students and is like throwing it at F3 and around the room and yelling about Shakespeare… jezus. Personally if I were Kaede, I wouldn’t let the boy anywhere near my billion dollar business. 
What is Rui saying to him? Something about Makino obviously, at least it brought the sanity back. Aww, he was up in Rui’s face and then looked like he was going to cry… saved by the damn phone tho. 
Yay, for YukiMakino giggling! 
Haha, Shigeru is like “Why have you taken my under this dirty bridge? We’re on a date dumbass…” 
SOJIRO/YUKI! At least he’s not acting all nervous around her anymore. But seriously, Yuki, there’s an alley right there next to where you’re walking… just grab him! He’ll give in, he’s a manwhore! 
Wow, Sojiro is really hot in this scene. He just went up a level in my book. Oh, I think Yuki is standing up to Sojiro about Makino! You go girl, show him you’ve got a backbone! (slap him… it doesn’t matter if he deserves it or not…)
Dude, Shigeru, when you’re at a restaurant on a date with guy… he should know you’re there! And not just sit glaring at the floor. Get a clue!
Susumu is super cute. He’ll be real hot after a few years (feeling like a cradle robber...)
Shigeru looks so sad hiding in the bathroom. If I were I’d be giving up about now. 
He doesn’t go in… baka Domyoji! 

…. And now I’m too into it to write anymore… eeeee!
… and now I’m fine again. Is Shizuka annoying anyone else? Before I thought she was nice and awesome (especially about the beautiful shoes take you to beautiful places thing!), but they sure gave her nothing to do in these scenes. Boring.
Rui’s car is… beyond words. I want it!!! 
WTH?! For upteenth time this blog. Domyoji just makes Susumu go outside? WHAT exactly is he suppose to be doing waiting in the hall? Don’t get it.
You know what, Rui is NOT suppose to EVER be in love with Makino. In the manga he cared for her and they became really good friends, but he sees her as a silly entertaining younger sister. I wish they wouldn’t have brought this love triangle up again. 
Shizuka’s house is gorgeous. I would be excited to just to visit it as a tourist. :) 
And the sad love song kicks in… (still waiting for the fall I’ve been excited about since last Friday)
They’re both sitting, this seems like a moment we’ve all been waiting for since the first ep. But WHAT is he saying? Is he confessing his feelings? Are they discussing the state of her apartment? 
The fall was excellent. Now Shigeru FINALLY knows. It’s been awful through the last 4 eps waiting for her to figure it out. 
What does Domyoji say to her that upsets Rui? Does he say “I love you still”? Or “I need to confess”? 
I can’t wait for subs! 
Preview for next week:
Why does Susumu need a facial? I like seeing Domyoji and S together tho, the brotherly bonding is very cute. 
Ha, Sojiro pokes Makino in the forehead. She must have asked him about Yuki. 
My boring blog has ended now. I like where the show is going. The minor Susumu romance should be cute (unless it’s actually a set up somehow). 
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