pandapremium (pandapremium) wrote,

Innocent Hyd photoshoots

Okay, look at these...


and compare them to these...


See a difference?  Is it too much to ask for HYD to have sexy photoshoot?  Like the one Jun did with his Twincest costar?  One that isn't totally innocent and just... cute? 

Sorry, it's late and Sunday and I'm SO bored...

*There was nothing to do in my room.*  Take the above cut to see the irresponsible photo uploading I did to show Hyd never has sexy photoshoots and I think they SHOULD.  I want glistening bodies and high fashion and suggestive positions... that would make my heyday.  

Oh wait, there was that pretty sexy F4 shoot, with the roses... but I'm sure you all know I mean Jun/Mao sexy photo shoot.  Actually, Mao doesn't have any sexy photoshoots I've ever seen.  How come they guys get to be all sexy and not Makino?
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I had coherent comments but my brain just dribbled out of my ears with that next to last photo.

I keep thinking whenever Kaede gets up in arms about her kid liking a poor girl. "Could be worse! He could be going for his twin!" :D
LMAO, hahaha, that's a funny thought. The twin is REALLY pretty tho. I'm so jealous.