pandapremium (pandapremium) wrote,

HBP Casting

Nothing too exciting, if anyone has checked mugglenet recently, this Jon Pall Eyjolfsson is auditioning for HBP. 

First, SO exciting they're auditioning already!  Yay!  

Second, rumor has it Jon Pall might be auditioning for young Voldemort.  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I WANT CHRISTIAN COULSON BAAAACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But actually, someone found a picture of this guy (I haven't been able to) and said he doesn't look anything like Tom Riddle.  So, I think he's must be auditioning for young Dumbledore!  That's my guess.  Either that or one of the Gaunts.  Probably young Dumbledore though, because Steve Kloves personally recommended Jon Pall for whatever role he's auditioning for, so it must be an important role.  

EDIT:   Found pictures at leaky!

DUDE, that is SO young Dumbledore!  Look at the eyebrows!!!

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