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Discussing DH SPOILERS from intern

Oh, these were beautiful.  I'd love for him to be serious, but I strongly suspect someone sat down and made up some carefully plotted crap to feed us.  

Either way, it's delicious and I love it!  Does anyone know a place (thread) where these spoilers are being discussed?  I can't find a site talking about them.  


Trophy Room = Den of Love???  MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Oh that's beautiful!!  My first thought was:
Harry and Ginny are SO going to do it in the trophy room!  
But, yeah right, as if JK would ever write something like that.  I secretly hope it's true though.  *< :D  I'm starting to think Harry is going to die... and, I dunno, wouldn't it be sad for him to die a virgin? 

Also, what is with Ginny?  He makes it sound like she's secretly been superman all this time and no one noticed.  We've known for a while that she's really powerful... and some of her talents haven't really been used yet (I'm thinking of the part in OotP where everyone gets enchanted by the music box at Grimmauld Place and she's the only one who manages to stay in control).  Also, the whole 7th child and only Weasley girl for 3 generations.  I've always wanted that to mean something.  But what couldn't we possibly know about her? (he says there are lots of things about her we don't know yet)  Is she secretly dating Malfoy? (hee, just kidding)  (actually I'm not)  

Some people's allegiances will surprise us?  Hmm, the only person on the good side that I thought might be a trader is Charlie.  I thought maybe Voldemort somehow got to him or imperioed him since they both were in Romania at the same time.  Ya know, I wouldn't be surprised if Maxime wasn't on our side.  She's seems a little too political and tricksy.  Maybe she's using Hagrid. 

A in RAB?  Maybe it stands for "AND".  Like, Robert and Bridget?  Or, a better guess, Regulus and B.... ridget?  I can't think of a B.  OR!  Maybe, since it makes more sense for them to use last names, like R... and Black?  Whose last name starts with R?  Rookword, Rosier, Rosmerta?  That's really all the Lexicon shows.  Hmm. 

Where did all this Zacharias Smith speculation come from?  Has this always been around the fandom and I've just never noticed it?  Apparently people have thought for awhile that he is more significant, maybe Hufflepuff's heir.  I always just saw him as JK's example of a non-slytherin jerk.  So, if we're suppose to see heirs, who would Ravenclaw's be?  Who is that guy from Ravenclaw in OotP who asks Hermione why she isn't in Ravenclaw?  Is that Anthony Goldstein?  Maybe it's Roger Davies (eww)!  My money is on Harry being Gryffindor's heir though (what with all the Godric's Hollow stuff, etc).  

I think Dobby is definitely the creature on Harry's back on the UK cover.  He's never really had a chance to show what he can really do, and it'd be incredibly totally awesome if he led a house elf army in rebellion against their evil masters!!  Either way, I'm sure he'll help Harry out in DH.  

Ron/Hermione.  Screw them.  They've just been pissing me off the last few books.  I just pray JK makes there romance parts really good to redeem all the crap we've had to put up with between them over the years.  

Bill and Fleur's wedding?  Death eater attack!  Haha, that would be great (I mean, not really, but weddings CAN get boring and depressing and I imagine B/F getting all sappy).  I DO think something will happen between Ron/Hermione here though.  He owes her a dance.  

"Most characters return for one last go."  Yay!  Torture of Umbridge and Lockhart signing things!  HOORAY!  

One recurring character dies early on, and he's not sure if the fandom likes him/her?  Hmm.  McGonagall?  I'm willing to sacrifice her.  She's old anyway.  OH!  Maybe it's Trelawney!  Most people have mixed feelings about her and Voldy will probably want to finally know the whole prophecy!  

Speaking of the prophecy, who else could have known it that would make the story more interesting?  Another death eater who heard the whole thing... that would be interesting.  Since they obvsiously didn't share with Voldemort.  And it would fit in with the 'surprising allegiances' thing.  I'd really like to see some ppl we've taken for granted as being on the good side surprise us, and some bad characters end up not being quite as bad as we thought.  Maybe someone was outside the door with Snape, but they got away?  Neh, that doesn't make sense.  An animagus was in the room maybe?  Rita Skeeter?  She probably wouldn't know what she was hearing and just think Trelawney was a freak or something.  

All this speculation is delightful, but the more I look at the spoilers the supposed 'intern' put up, the more and more he looks fake.  Personally, if I were going to release little tidbits to the public, I wouldn't tell anyone who I was.  But he revealed EXACTLY who he was.  The only paid intern at Arthur A Levine.  To me that stinks of fraud.  Hmm.  I really really want to believe though!  I'll just pretend he's legit for fun.  :D


What if the B stands for Bagman or Bones?  Voldemort killed Amelia Bones personally... like he had a bone to pick with her.  And Bagman was probably a death eater.  Or at least he did things for the death eaters. 
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