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Bad Mood

In such a b*tchy mood, sheesh.  Started when last night one of my roommates decided it was a super awesome idea to do laundrey after midnight!!  The washer/dryer is right next to MY room, not hers, and when running is really loud through the thin wall.  Really pisses me off... luckily I needed to wake up anyway.  

Then for lunch today, for some reason the entire shopping village was taken over by toddlers and their fawning parents.  There's usually a lot of upper-middle class mommies with babies in the village and I usually love them and their darling GAP outfits, but today it was crazy.  It was like a toddler convention or something, like if you brought your baby to the village they would give you a free car, so EVERYONE did.  *sigh*  But none of this really bothered me until I was trying to order a taco and one of these psycho soccer mom's was in front of me in line.  She was really rude and arrogant to the cashier.  Okay, so she had these two really cute girls, looked around 4, and they were sitting at a little table in the corner.  There were a couple of other young families sitting around too.  The little girls were sort of playing w/ eachother and moving a little, but in a decidedly calm little girl way (opposed to the off-the-wall energy little boys sometimes have).  This mom would not take her eye off them for one second and kept shouting at them not to get off their chairs.  Now I can understand this hyper vigilance if she were in a dodgy area of the city or in a really big restaurant and thought she might lose them or something.  But they girls were like 20 feet away and this is the Mayberry side of town where everything is sunshine and Martha Stewart and rich mommies married to Microsoft daddies.  

So when it was this lady's turn in line, she wouldn't approach the register and had to stand 5 feet away in order to have a clear view of the girls and said this to the cashier.  But she wasn't really paying attention to him and kept having to go "What? Huh?" when ordering and it was SO UNNECESSARY AND OVER THE TOP.  God, I was annoyed.  The girls would like stand up to lean closer to eachother when quietly saying something and this lady would like freak out and run over to them and DEMAND they stay seated.  She did this like three times, holding up the line.  Me and the cashier spent a lot of time staring blankly at eachother, waiting for her to come back to sign her receipt.  ERGH!  I understand being a mom can be stressful, but chill a little!  

Also, roommate keeps moving my food in the fridge.  I use to have one of the lower drawers for my vegetables, but ate most of them and haven't gone shopping for last few weeks.  There was only like a bag of carrots left, and for some reason today found said carrots in drawer with other person's stuff and my drawer was filled w/ someone else's crap.  I don't touch any of their things, why do they think they can touch mine?  The fridge seems to be getting fuller and fuller all the time, as if the roommates keep buying groceries, but eating out.  Don't understand.  Have hardly any space left for my food now and no place to put milk. 

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