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Draco/Ginny Fic and HYD SPOILERS

Hi, well I finally watched the rest of HYD2 last week and actually really liked it.  I love how lovey-dovey Domyougi is in the cabin, but favorite part of all is the ending kiss where she pulls him by the scarf!... EEEEE!!!!  That was the PERFECT way to end it.  Don't really think I want an HYD3 tho.  I think there is definitely enough material and it could be done the right way, but I'm afraid they'll mess it up and make it all super angsty.  Like, they could continue the Sojiro/Yuki storyline... 


...actually if they DID do HYD3, these are scenes I'd most like to see:

1.  Yuki and Sojiro's fake date where Makino and Domyougi follow/spy on them
2.  Yuki confronting Sojiro with her feelings and Sojiro being a jerk with his signature line "Do you want dinner, a kiss, or to sleep together?" and then her slapping him (total awesomeness) 
3.  Makino, Shigeru, Yuki, Sakurako going on their group blind date thing (does anyone remember what they were calling themselves?  the "T4"?  something like that).  
4.  Domyougi's scary twin/cousin guy
5.  The boat part, where Makino/Domyougi wake up on the strange empty cruise boat that is heading for an island
6.  Domyougi takes Makino to resort by airplane

But I honestly feel that they won't continue... 'cause he proposed and everything.  

Anyway.  Erm, I wrote this Draco/Ginny fic and I'm trying to get feedback on it.  I posted it at but got little to no help on the forums there.  It's almost completely done except for the very ending (not sure how I want it to end yet).  So, I'm hoping to get feedback from you guys!!!  PLEASE!

I really want the characters to seem canon.  If you read, please tell me anything you think... if you do or don't like it, etc.  Thanks!

Title: Could anyone suggest a title?
Rating: PG-13
Author: sinistrascoven
Disclaimer:  Actually, I do own it all............................... not.

Halloween was a joke this year.  Being alone and nursing a half empty fire whiskey was the worst way to spend the day she could have conjured. Ginny was having a miserable night.  She sat at the table in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, staring forlornly at the wall. 

Everyone else was off working or doing something important.  This night couldn’t get any worse. 

She heard the door to the kitchen open behind her and sighed.  It just got worse. 

“God, please go away.”

“Shut up, Weasley.”  His usual sneer and disdain were there, but it was the lack of enthusiasm that made her turn around. 

He was forcefully looking through the cabinets, knocking cans and boxes haphazardly
around.  She should stop him, he wasn’t really suppose to touch anything.  The bastard was under house arrest and Moody placed strict rules over him.  Malfoy was suppose to stay in his room.  She’d rather they kept him chained in the dark somewhere, preferably a torture chamber.   

“Looking for something, Malfoy?”  She took another swig. 

His sneer deepened.  Still ignoring her, he threw the cellar door open and disappeared inside.  What he thought he was doing, she didn’t know.  He was in a particularly bad mood and she wasn’t in the height of spirits herself, otherwise she’d have hexed him by now. 

She turned back to the wall and took another drink.  It burned wonderfully down her throat.  Fred and George were sweethearts for smuggling alcohol in for her. 

Malfoy stormed out of the cellar looking pissed and muttering to himself, “… cheap mudbloods…”   He marched over to the boxes in the corner, tearing them open.  They were full of new groceries her mother had brought in earlier this afternoon. 

“Shit!” he suddenly yelled, throwing the boxes across the room.  They crashed against the door, making stains all over the wall. 

“What the hell!?”  Ginny jumped up.

He kicked the cupboards violently, grabbed her mothers salad bowl from the sink and threw it against the wall. 

“Malfoy if you don’t stop it,” she yelled, “I’m going to curse your ass and lock you in your room until the others come back!”

He gripped the edge of the counter top, breathing heavily.  He turned and looked at her for the first time since he’d come in.  His eyes were bright with anger and frustration, his lips twisted in a sneer. 

“God, PLEASE go away,” his voice high-pitched and girly.  He curled his lip and looked away. 

Rolling her eyes, Ginny leaned back against the table and crossed her arms. 

“Having a bad night, Richie Rich?”

He turned back to her, “If I had any of my money, I’d buy your entire…”

“But you don’t, so shut the fuck up.”  What an asshole.  Maybe she should lock him in his room.  She was in charge after all and it was Halloween for Godric’s sake, she didn’t want to deal with his crap tonight. 

“Don’t tell me to shut up, you good for nothing blood traitor!” his face scrunched up with fury, “Just wait!  Once I rejoin, I’ll make you sorry.  All of you!” 

She snorted.  He went into one of his rants at least once a week.  It was getting really old. 

“Yeah, yeah.  Go ahead and threaten your little pureblood heart out,” she sat back down and grabbed her bottle, “By the way, I’ve noticed Voldemort hasn’t knocked our door down coming to your rescue.  You obviously aren’t that important, so get over yourself.” 

His whole body tensed and his wand hand flexed.  She smiled, knowing his wand was safely tucked away where he would never find it.  Shame really, it was less fun picking on him when he couldn’t really fight back. 

Malfoy looked like he wanted to hex her, but his eyes suddenly narrowed on the fire whiskey in her hands. 

“Have you had that the whole time?” he hissed.

“The whole time you’ve been tearing the kitchen apart?  Yes,” she took a swig. 

He stood stock-still and stared as she set the bottle back on the table, nearly empty now. 

“Is there any more?”


He scowled.  “I get the rest then.”

“In your dreams.” 

Malfoy looked like he wanted to rip her to shreds. 

“Just give me one damn drink, okay?” He moved towards the table and she instantly whipped her wand out, pointing it steadily at his chest. 

“When I could watch you be miserable and go short instead?  No thanks.  Besides, this is all I have to celebrate Halloween with and I plan to enjoy it.”

“Well I don’t have anything!” 

“Oh boo hoo! I feel so sorry for you,” She picked the bottle up again. 

His jaw clenched.  “You bitch.”

“Don’t call me a bitch, Malfoy,” she’d had quite enough.  She hurled a bat-bogey hex at him, slamming him against the kitchen door.  Bogies flew around his head like little birds, smashing against his face and chest.  He yelped and tried vainly to slap them away, clawing at the ones plastered to his cheeks. 

She laughed.  Her head had a delightful light buzz now.  As Ginny watched Malfoy twisting around on the floor, she reached for the fire whiskey and drained what was left. 

The bogies cleared and Malfoy sat up.  Red-faced and breathing hard, he glowered at the empty bottle in her hands. 

“I didn’t know the baby was even allowed to drink…”

Ginny chucked the bottle at him.  It shattered against the door a foot above his head, shards rained down, one cutting his arm.  He lowered his arms and shook the glass from his blonde hair.  Malfoy looked like he’d finally had enough, like he was about to snap. 

“Not funny, princess,” his eyes were murderous.  Slowly, he stood up.  She eyed him warily, gripping her wand. 

“Potter’s little princess…” he drawled, “How come ‘the chosen one’ isn’t here cheering you up, Weasley?  Maybe you aren’t that important either.”

She frowned.  He rarely got personal like this.  Except for the one time Ron showed up.  That had been a nightmare. 

“I think we both know I’m no princess or damsel in distress or whatever else you can come up with.  And I’m not ‘Potter’s’ either.”

He actually snorted.  “Whatever, Weasley.  When Potter was here he was all over you.  It was disgusting.” 

There was no way she was going to sit around here listening to this.  “I think it’s time for you to go back to your cubby hole now.  As much fun as it’s been…”

 “Make me,”  he snarled. 

She sighed and stood up.  It’s not that she minded blasting him to little itty bits, but Moody and Remus wouldn’t be happy with her. 

He was blocking the door though.  She tapped her wand threateningly against her leg, “Move.”


“Fine.  We’ll do this the hard way.”  She flicked her wrist and sent a curse at him.  But, moving quicker than she’d have given him credit for, he ducked and lunged at her. 

She cried out in surprise, “Malfoy!”

He jumped at her, knocking her wand away and sending them both crashing to the floor.  They landed side by side, her wand clattering against the wall.  She dived for her wand, but Malfoy pounced on her.  He wrapped one hand around her neck and the other struggled against her flailing arms. 

She cried out again, “Stop it, Malfoy!”

He squeezed her neck and she choked down a scream.  “Not so tough now… parading around like a fucking queen…”

She kicked at his shins and he straddled her waist.  Her free hand scratched at his face, drawing blood. He hissed and released her neck, gripping both her arms and wrenching them above her head.  His blonde hair swung across his eyes as he sneered nastily down at her. 

“I only wanted a fucking drink, Weasley,” he dipped his head close to hers, “You filthy little blood traitor…”

She struggled vainly under him, “You know you can’t get out of the house.  There are spells locking you in.”

“Who said anything about trying to get out?  ‘Not Potter’s girl’…” he smiled lewdly down at her.  His thighs clenched around her hips and his lips hovered inches above hers.  “I can tell by the way he looks at you.  He wants something he hasn’t had yet.  Potter’s so pathetic.” 

I wanted the characters to seem really canon.  Do they? 
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