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I'm getting really into Ohno now.  Obviously I found Jun through HYD and then was interested in Nino because of Letters,  but now I’m all about Ohno!  I was watching their performance of Love So Sweet, the one on MS where Jun is uber-hyper, and there is this small bitty solo Ohno has towards the end… he sings only a few notes when the camera gives him a close-up, but it’s so pretty!!!  I didn’t know he was so good!  I knew he was the leader and everything, but he has some major talent.  I mean, obviously they’re all talented, but to be perfectly honest I've never thought any of them are amazing singers, except now for Ohno.  Whenever I’ve heard a solo from another member it was never that great (no one kill me!).  If someone has a vid they can rec where other members have good solos that would be great.  I’m currently trying to find more vids of Ohno’s solos (where you can actually hear him singing, the music and screaming is too loud in concert vids, it covers Ohno's voice), because he’s awesome!!! 


THE VID I'M TALKING ABOUT -------->  [MS]20070216 ARASHI - Love so sweet


 OHNO ------>  Ohno’s solo at time:  2:55 of 3:21

Sad confession that will lead to my stoning from Arashi fans ------>  Most of the time I can't tell Aiba and Sho apart.  Their faces are a lot alike to me!  The orange hair helps tho. 

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