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Short Liveblogging Ep 6 Preview

Notice Jun and Mao are advertising Hanadan from Dom's bedroom?  Shooting a scene there are they?  Hehe...


* Dom hugging Makino from behind.  He looks very reverent about getting to touch her.  Gently leans his chin against her head and looks so peaceful.  Makino sadly doesn't look that happy about it.  Looks confused, torn, but isn't pushing him away.  Almost as if she wants to like this moment but is afraid to. 

* Tsubaki, yippie, is B-A-C-K.  She'll probably kick Dom's butt into serious gear and remind Makino how she said not 4 eps ago that she loved Dom and was miserable w/o him. 

* Rui enthusiastically hugging Makino from behind EXACTLY the same way Dom was.  (That's why I love the HYD ppl, they are SO awesome!  Mirror scenes.)  Makino again doesn't look that happy.  Surprised, uncomfortable, stiff, but not pushing him away.  Makino thinks "I don't think I like this."  Rui doesn't seem to notice, is too excited about hug.  I love Rui usually, but dammit, pissing me off.  Kidnap you so OTP can be alone and get on with it.

* Rui calmly saying something... probably how he saw Makino last night... Dom looks PISSED! like he wants to smash Rui's head in to iddy biddy bits.  

* Man falling and Dom being held back by servants.  Huh.  Glad this will finally be out in the open so Makino can understand why Dom is acting so ooc.  

* It seems Shigeru and Makino finally talk.  Shigeru is starting to get on my nerves... at least she's a smart girl and will figure out the true otp very soon.  

* Why do Sojiro and Akira always do that chop-Yo! thing?  Don't really get it.  Sojiro looking hot again. 

* And finally the Sara/Sojiro storyline will come out.  She looks SO sad when he's walking out the door.  Like she is really still in love with him.  Too bad for her he belongs to Yuki.  :)  

* The old lady maid!  Hooray!  I LOVE this woman!  In the manga and in MG.  She's such a D/M shipper it kills me.  Hope she makes the same suggestion to Makino she does in manga, hehe.  Dirty-minded old lady.  

* Makino's parents are leaving again?  W/ stuff?  Are they like taking stuff to pawn 'cause they are so bad off?  Sheesh.  They look like they've been caught doing something.  

* Dom squeeling, kicking, screaming on his bed like a freaking fangirl.  Hee, w/ Tsubaki in the background rolling her eyes.  LOL.  I think she just told him Makino will be staying with them as a maid.  He is so excited thinking about Makino cleaning his room!  I am too!  *fangirl squee!*

* Rui standing outside looking all angsty.  Pfaw, go away already!  No one cares about your angst since you started messing with the otp.  Just since you can't have Shizuka, trying to find a replacement.  Grrr...

* And, Yay!, Makino in maid outfit!  Must be talking to Dom.  Looks slightly riled/ruffled and not happy about being maid.  Can't wait for the wake-up calls!  Dom pushing chairs and tables over.  Ymm... *drool*

* Dom yelling after Makino.  Tired of the angst, sheesh.  With Makino angstly holding necklace box.  DO NOT GIVE IT BACK TO HIM!  Mistake mistake!  I'm starting to HATE Rui now. 

The maid scenes I'm so excited for!  More than anything so far!  I want UST, dammit.  There has been a serious lack so far (except for the brief falling on top of each other, interrupted by Shigeru dammit)!  Maybe will have to wait for the maid-ust until Ep 7 tho. 

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